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Not all of my consultancy-based work of recent years can be listed publicly or published. Some of it is confidential in nature - for example some evaluations and policy papers where sensitive advice has been written for public authorities.



Welfare to Work - From Special Measures to 80 Per Cent Employment

A review of the policy history and context for welfare reform in the UK during the onset of deep recession. Feb 2009
(c) LEPU, South Bank University, 2009. This is the author's version of the work posted here by permission of LEPU, South Bank University for personal use, not for redistribution. The definitive version was published in Local Economy, Volume 24 Issue 1, February 2009. doi:10.1080/02690940802685717

Enfield's skills and employment strategy

This report (and Action Plan) sets the context, identifies the key issues and describes strategic goals and actions for the Borough and its partners. It provides an evidence base for future policy in Enfield by analysing both the supply and demand sides of the labour market – current and future. It sets out the population characteristics and the likely shape of business demand over the next decade. Oct 2008

North London Skills and Employment Profile

NLSA commissioned a review of the key skills and employment data of the north London subregion. The report includes data on a range of different indicators, including population trends, worklessness and skills levels. Jul 2008

Waltham Forest’s strategy for enterprise, employment and skills

An integrated strategy for enterprise and employment growth produced for the enterprise and employment theme partnership of Waltham Forest's Local Strategic Partnership Jan 2008

Multiple Deprivation in North Shropshire

Assessment of deprivation indicators in Whitchurch and Market Drayton for North Shropshire District Council, Oct 2007 (3.5Mb file)

North London social and economic profile

Snapshot of economic and labour market indicators for the North London sub-region, North London Strategic Alliance, April 2007

School pupils in the North London sub-region: An analysis of diversity and ethnicity"

Analysis of the 2006 PLASC data for the 4 North London sub-region Boroughs undertaken for North London Strategic Alliance, Jan 2007 (5Mb file)

'New Goals': the enterprise strategy for Waltham Forest

The Borough’s enterprise strategy (with Meera Prabhakar and Robert Willis) Oct 2006

Waltham Forest Employment and Skills Action Plan”

Produced for the LSP's Employment and Skills Action Partnership (with Meera Prabhakar) Dec 2005

Examination of social exclusion: context and issues

Context and issues paper for South East Regional Assembly scrutiny committee, 2005

Labour market assessment of physical development at Blackhorse Lane (draft)

Technical assessment for LB Waltham Forest - April 2006 (with Meera Prabhakar, Robert Willis and Kate Hills)
* this is a 4Mb file

The Labour Market Requirements of Growth in Barnet

Strategy report - January 2006 (with Helen German, Meera Prabhakar, Robert Turner and Robert Willis)

What's up with London? - "weightless growth" in the Capital

Working Brief article - March 2005

New Deal for Communities National Evaluation

Year 4 evaluation report - February 2005 (with Lisa McCrindle)

Economic contribution of equality communities in the North West

For North West Regional Assembly - October 2004 (with Simon Pringle, Urvashi Parashar and Rebecca Pates)

Area Investment Framework and regeneration in the South East of England

South East Regional Assembly scrutiny - Context and issues paper - September 2004 (with Robert Willis and Matthew Murray)

Convoys Wharf Cruise Liner Terminal

Economic impact assessment (for Port of London Authority and Creekside Forum - August 2004 (with Robert Willis and Bruce McDonald)

West Midlands Social Enterprise Strategy

AWM commission - Phase 2 implementation plan - July 2004 (with Simon Hooton)

West Midlands Social Enterprise Strategy

AWM commission - Phase 1 document - March 2004 (with Simon Hooton and Luke Delahunty)

New Deal for Communities National Evaluation

Year 3 evaluation report - Feb 2004 (with Lisa McCrindle)

Business development needs in the Upper Lee Valley

LDA Single Programme research report - July 2003 (with Jonathan Cook)

Non-employment in the Upper Lee Valley

LDA Single Programme research report - April 2003 (with Jonathan Cook, Charlotte Dent, Lisa McCrindle and Graham Thom)

New Deal for Communities National Evaluation

Year 2 evaluation report - March 2003 (with Lisa McCrindle)

Employer engagement and the London labour market

DWP Research Report No. 185 - March 2003 (with Graham Thom)
* this is a 3Mb file

Can FE and HE meet the needs of business and the economy?

SSDA Skills Convention discussion paper - Oct 2002

Restructuring welfare to work policies

Comment, Working Brief - August 2002

Reforming financial support for 16-18s

Working Brief 137 - August 2002

Third Report of the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee

"The Government's Employment Strategy" - July 2002 (contribution as a Specialist Advisor)

New Deal must innovate

Comment, Working Brief - June 2002

"Apprenticeships can unlock discrimination"

TEN News - June 2002

An Agenda to Tackle Poverty

Comment, Working Brief - May 2002

Bite Size is best

TEN News - May 2002

Jobcentre Plus - a once only chance

Comment, Working Brief - April 2002

Training for young people

TEN News - April 2002

Immigration - we all benefit

Comment, Working Brief - March 2002

Investing in quality

TEN News - March 2002

Young people need money

Comment, Working Brief - Feb 2002

Work based route to higher education

TEN News - Feb 2002

Pre-Budget Report

Working Brief 130 - January 2002

Jobs and training are necessary

Comment, Working Brief - December 2001

Work less. Earn more

TEN News - December 2001

Extend Learning Accounts

Comment, Working Brief - November 2001

"Fuzzy maths" underpins LSC national rates

TEN News - November 2001

Managing a recession

Comment, Working Brief - October 2001

Employment-led sector bodies needed

TEN News - October 2001

Recession? Pundits should not panic

Comment, Working Brief - August 2001

New challenges facing providers and Government

TEN News - August 2001

Can work? Must work

Comment, Working Brief - July 2001

Earning and Learning

TEN News - July 2001

The drive for social justice

Comment, Working Brief - June 2001

A new programme needed for disadvantaged young people

TEN News - June 2001

Workforce Development goes centre stage

Comment, Working Brief - May 2001

Have things improved during the last 4 years?

Comment, Working Brief - April 2001

Economic prospects

Working Brief 113 - April 2000

Challenges for Job Transition Service

Comment, Working Brief - March 2001

All change for guidance services

Comment, Working Brief - Feb 2001

Real change for New Deal waits on 2nd term

Comment, Working Brief - Dec 2000/Jan 2001

New Deal: the next generation

Comment, Working Brief - November 2000

Is Connexions losing some momentum?

Comment, Working Brief - October 2000

A new agency for the working age

Comment, Working Brief - August 2000

Comprehensive Spending Review

Working Brief 117 - Aug 2000

Re-engineering the statistical service

Comment, Working Brief - July 2000

The looming skills crisis

Comment, Working Brief - June 2000

New Deal Handbook 2000

Co-authored with Balbir Chatrik. Published by Unemployment Unit & Youthaid - June 2000

Four fixes for New Deal

Comment, Working Brief - May 2000

Welfare to work policy shifts

Comment, Working Brief - April 2000

Solving the vacancies puzzle

Comment, Working Brief - March 2000

Anti fraud goes into overdrive

Comment, Working Brief - Feb 2000

Keep on experimenting

Comment, Working Brief - Dec 1999/Jan 2000

Employment Zone bids

Working Brief 110 - Dec 1999

Pre-budget statement

Working Brief 110 Dec 1999

Fixing the 25+ New Deal

Comment, Working Brief - November 1999

The cost of unemployment

Comment, Working Brief - October 1999

White Paper fall-out

Comment in WB 107 - Aug 1999

New Deal: 40% of leavers enter un-sustained jobs

Working Brief 107 - Aug 1999

Blunkett shuffles the deck

Comment in WB 106 - July 1999

New Deal Handbook 1999

Co-authored with Balbir Chatrik. Published by Unemployment Unit & Youthaid - July 1999

Unemployment & Training Rights Handbook 1999

Co-authored with Balbir Chatrik and John Prosser. Published by Unemployment Unit & Youthaid - July 1999

Is welfare-to-work the "third way"?

Comment in WB 105 - June 1999

ONE - the Single Work Focused Gateway

Working Brief 105 - June 1999

Avoiding a recession

Comment in WB 104 - May 1999

The March 1999 Budget

Working Brief 103 - April 1999

The post-16 learning review

Comment in WB 103 - April 1999

The March 1999 Budget

in WB 103 - April 1999

Why New Deal must succeed

Introduction to the New Deal Handbook - April 1999

Value of training allowances

Working Brief 102 - March 1999

New Deal Gateway

Comment in WB 102 March 1999

Single Work Focused Gateway

Comment in WB 101 - February 1999

Economic prospects

Working Brief 101 - February 1999

New Deal wobbles

Comment in WB 100 - January 1999

Reforming the Jobseeker's Allowance

Comment in WB 99 - December 1998

Economy watch (job losses)

Working Brief 100 - Dec 1998

TECs must go

Comment in WB 98 - November 1998

Does the Bank want a recession?

Comment in WB 97 - October 1998

Employment Zones

Comment in WB 96 Aug 1998

The economy is fragile

Comment in WB 95 - July 1998

New Deal for the over 25s

Comment in WB 94 - June 1998

Dumping the claimant count

Comment in WB 93 - May 1998

Labour's strategy revealed: the Budget

Comment, Working Brief - April 1998

Is another recession coming?

Comment, Working Brief - March 1998

Designing the other New Deal programmes

Comment, Working Brief - Feb 1998

Reforming social security

Comment, Working Brief - Jan 1998

The goal of full employment

Comment, Working Brief - Dec 1997

Enthusiasm for the New Deal

Comment, Working Brief - Nov 1997

Can the ES deliver New Deal?

Comment, Working Brief - Oct 1997

Designing the New Deal

Comment, Working Brief - Aug/Sept 1997

A shift of mindset

Comment, Working Brief - July 1997

Labour must deliver

Comment, Working Brief - June 1997

Tory job record underwhelms

Comment, Working Brief - May 1997

Training: voluntarism isn't working

Comment, Working Brief - April 1997

Background to UK unemployment

Book chapter in "Divided Britain", CPAG - April 1997

Two different political approaches

Comment, Working Brief - March 1997

"Project Work" - Tories get nasty

Comment, Working Brief - February 1997

JSA - mean spirited

Comment, Working Brief - January 1997