Here are some software downloads I recommend and use regularly. The main reason they are listed here is so I can replicate on other machines.


Ad-aware - gets rid of spyware that is often bundled with software installer files - these things record surfing habits, cause irritating pop-ups, other advertising, collect private information, or modify system settings.

Ad-aware - from


McAfee SiteAdvisor - Free utility from McAfee that helps protect from all kinds of Web-based security threats including spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser exploits, phishing, online fraud and identity theft (McAfee continuously reviews sites and rates their threat levels).

McAfee SiteAdvisor (for Firefox)

McAfee SiteAdvisor (for IE)


Google Pack - "A free collection of essential software" that's what they say and it's pretty well true.

Get Google Pack


Rip Vinyl

As the name implies, it's good for converting LP recordings to MP3. In fact it allows you to record from any audio source on your PC, and produce WAV or MP3 files. You need a good turntable though. The software automatically detects tracks/silence points on the LP and you can configure the track detection parameters. In addition, it automatically discards tracks shorter than a threshold. A new mode allows playing 78 RPM records at 45 RPM.


Easy CD-DA

Easy CD-DA Extractor is easy to use and full of features. The interface is pleasant, and you can configure the well-organized software to suit your needs. It rips music CDs with high-performance CD ripping and encoding. Convert files from one format to another; burn audio CDs; copy "copy-protected" CDs; read audio from badly scratched CDs; download and upload disc information from and to FreeDB; and get support for volume normalization, compressor, and fade in/out. The program supports formats such as MP3, MP4, Ogg Vorbis, and Windows Media Audio.


Audio Maestro Full Pack

Audio Maestro consists of 5 independent applications. CD-DA Extractor extracts and stores music from audio CDs and supports various audio formats, CDDB, normalize, fade in and out, adjustment of silence, equalizer, and 3D effects. File Converter converts 15 kinds of audio formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, and RealAudio(Encoding only for RealAudio). Sound Editor edits sound freely; records sound (Timer, VAS, and Auto-track Recording) from analog sources; removes noise, clicks, and pops; supports various effects and filters, including amplify, vibrato, reverse, stretch, remove vocal, and FFT; and supports frequency analysis. CD Writer burns audio CDs and data CDs; supports normalization, multisession, and multirecording, burn-proof, image recording, and playback before recording; and saves and loads recording information. Recorder records sound as MP3, WMA, WAV including 'streaming audio'. It also supports Auto recording level, Audio sensor, File processor, Recording scheduler - Version 2.6 features a Recorder

What You Hear is What You Get! If it comes out of the speaker, you can record it as high quality MP3, WMA, WAV - including "streaming audio"
Also record sounds from microphone and line-in port. Supports Auto recording level, Audio sensor, File processor, Recording scheduler, Recording volume booster, Changing recording file by one-click, etc.

CD-DA Extractor
Extracts and stores music from audio CDs
Supports various audio formats, high quality, express speed. Supports CD-DB, Normalizing, Fade in/out, Adjust silence, Equalizer, 3D effect, etc.

File Converter
Converts audio file formats
Supports 15 kinds of audio formats including MP3, WAV, WMA, and Real Audio (Encoding only for Real Audio)

Sound Editor
Edits sounds freely like edits texts in word-processor
Records sound(Timer, VAS, and Auto-track Recording) from analog source. Removes noise, clicks, and pops. Supports various effects and filters including amplify, vibrato, reverse, stretch, remove vocal, and FFT. Supports frequency analysis

CD Writer
Makes not only audio CDs, but also Data CDs
Supports Normalizing, Multi-session, Multi-recording, Burn-proof, Image recording, Playing before recording, etc. Saves / Loads recording information